Member Profile: Thomas Alexander, S.C. State Senator

How you are personally impacted by nuclear energy:

“I grew up in Oconee County during the construction of the Oconee Nuclear Energy Facility near Seneca, S.C.  I saw the benefits of new nuclear then, and I’m excited about the resurgence of nuclear energy in our state and in our country with the Nuclear Regulatory Commission’s (NRC) issuance of Combined Construction and Operating Licenses (COLs) for two new reactors at V.C. Summer Nuclear Station near Jenkinsville, S.C.”

 Impact of nuclear energy in your community:  

“As the Chairman of the Public Utilities Review Committee, I understand that nuclear energy is a great economic engine for the local community where the facility is located. Here in South Carolina, construction on the V.C. Summer units will provide up to 3,000 long-term construction jobs, and once completed, the new units will offer as many as 800 career-long jobs, which is great news for us when the unemployment rate in South Carolina is 9.3 percent.”

 A lesson for your community:

“Nuclear energy provides a source of clean and safe electricity to our community while boosting the local economy. Everybody wins with nuclear. For instance, construction at V.C. Summer impacts those beyond my community as thousands of jobs in other states are expected to support the project.”


“A native of South Carolina, I earned a B.S. in Economics from Clemson University and went on to become a small business owner. I became involved in politics as a council member for the city of Walhalla, S.C. before serving in the South Carolina State House and then joining the South Carolina Senate in 1994.” Sen. Alexander joined CASEnergy in 2011.

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