How Long Will It Take To See Results With The Phallosan Forte?

The Phallosan Forte is a penis enlargement device.

This extender works by providing mechanical traction.

It is said to be a step ahead of the traditional penis extenders.

The company claims this product to be clinically tested, and much more comfortable.

You can even wear this product while sleeping.

Given that you sleep enough, you could wear phallosan forte before bed and practically wake up the next day with a bigger penis.

While it might sound a bit too good to be true, it is by no means a stretch.

In fact, a lot of users of phallosan forte claim to do just that.

Recommended Usage

There are no strict recommendations from the company.

But we suggest that you use this product for at least six hours every day to gain maximum benefits.

You can break down the six-hour usage into multiple sessions to make it easier.

If you’re wearing it to bed, using it while you sleep is going to be enough.


A study conducted by a German urological clinic included 15 men who used this device every day for six months.

Each of them used the device for four hours per day.

The average increase in length seen at the end of the study was 2.7cm.

Another study including 36 men showed similar results.

At the end of six months, participants experienced the increase of 2.7cm in flaccid length and 1.4 cm in flaccid girth.

Users claim that the phallosan forte provides similar results.

You can get yours from the official website here!

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