There’s a whole bunch of scams out there when it comes to .

I should know..

I wasted well over $1,000 on these scams in less than a year.

Being just over 4 inches I lacked confidence big time.

I sucked in bed and rarely had  because I found it hard to let women get close to me.

So I went on a spending spree and bought product after product to try and make my  bigger to turn my shitty life around.

But when you’re desperate you don’t think of the money do you.

You just focus on finding something that works.

So I know a whole lot about what doesn’t work.

  • First of all pills don’t work. There’s no pill that can make your  bigger.
  • Pumps don’t work. At least long term anyway.
  • Surgery works but is it worth the risk of having your  potentially ruined?

Stepping into the world of  is like stepping into a field of mines.

But there is one type of product that is medically proven to work..

They’re called “extenders” and they look like this..

There’s been several studies conducted on extenders that have come to the conclusion that they really do work.

Take this BJU study for example.

They conducted a test and had a group of guys wear an extender for 6 months and they all increased the size of their .

And a year after the test an update found that they had all kept their size increase so the results were permanent.

Hold on though because there’s a pretty BIG problem with extenders that the makers just don’t tell you about.

For an extender to be effective you need to wear it for at least 5 hours per day.

But that’s not the problem.

The problem is that these extender systems use a noose around the head of the  to elongate it.

This cuts off the circulation and becomes very painful so wearing it for longer than 30 minutes is almost impossible.

The head of you  turns purple and goes completely numb as if it has frostbite or something.

So I found the extenders to be useless.

As well as that the extenders don’t do anything to increase the size of the  head.

They only stretch out the shaft.

So I Googled “ extender cuts off circulation” to see if anyone was having the same problem and I found that I wasn’t the only one.

While I was reading through these I found this guy who was having the same issue and he was recommending something called the Phallosan Forte.

It’s just like an extender but it doesn’t use a noose around the head.

Instead it uses a sleeve and suction bell on the head of the .

You then use a strap to “stretch” the .

Here’s a video of a guy putting on the Phallosan Forte.

As soon as I saw that video I decided that I was going to give the Phallosan Forte a try.

Plus they had a 14 day money back guarantee so if it arrived and was painful to use or something then I could send it back.

Within a week my Phallosan Forte had arrived..


While I was patiently waiting for it to arrive I read lots of Phallosan Forte reviews and there were lots of people who were getting results which was good to hear.

One guy even posted a system that he had made up.

It’s kind of like a schedule.

It tells you when and for how long to wear it as well as some other stuff.

It’s actually a really solid system and I think that if you’re going to use something like the Phallosan Forte then you need to follow a schedule.

So I’ve posted the system at the bottom of this Phallosan Forte reviewLINK for you.

Now that I had a schedule to follow I thought I would start as soon as possible.

I found that I was able to put the Phallosan Forte on in less than 20 seconds.

It was very easy and hassle free.

But the best thing was that I was able to wear it and it didn’t hurt at all.

The end of my  wasn’t turning purple and there was no pain like with the old extenders and I felt like I could have worn it for as long as I wanted.

The Phallosan Forte makes the old extenders look like something from the stone ages.

So it felt good to know that I could actually use it!

For the next 7 months I stuck to the schedule like my life depended on it!

Which was really quite easy because it only takes 15-20 seconds to put it on and then you’re free to go about your day.

Sure it’s a little bit of hassle when you need to go to the toilet because you need to take it off and put it back on again but that’s a small sacrifice to make if it actually works.

So does the Phallosan Forte work?

My Phallosan Forte Results..

When you first start to wear it you won’t really see results that fast.

It’s a slow process but after a couple of months you will start to notice your is looking bigger.

Then before you know it 7 months goes by and this happens..

Imagine a stranger comes and puts a dollar in your jar everyday.

A dollar may not seem much but after 10 years you open up that jar and find you’ve got $3,650.

That’s what it feels like with the Phallosan Forte.

You’ll make small gains that are barely noticeable but they add up fast.

And the truth is that the Phallosan Forte has done a lot more for me than just make my  bigger.

It’s made me feel like I can do anything.

I’m a lot more happier with life now and I feel so much more confident that I am meeting women and getting phone numbers.

It’s great and in the last month I have had  twice because I don’t feel shy or embarrassed to let a woman get close to me anymore.

So if you really want to increase your  size then my advice is don’t waste your money on pills, pumps, surgery or the old extenders.

Just give the Phallosan Forte a try.

By the way guys..

I heard there are lots of fake Phallosans being sold on places like eBay, Amazon and on other websites.

The official site where I bought mine is LINK

Anyway if you need any help or have a question to ask about the Phallosan Forte then drop a comment below and I’ll try to answer ASAP!

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