Phallosan Forte Review – It’s Now 7 Months Later & I’m Finally Sharing My Results..

For the past 7 months I’ve been using the Phallosan Forte I purchased from to see if it was possible to increase the size of my .

Now I’m writing this review to share my before and after pics and talk about my results!

(Reviews!) Thanks to some helpful readers there are now some new Phallosan Forte reviews posted below for you to read!

There’s a whole bunch of scams out there when it comes to .

I should know..

I wasted well over $1,000 on these scams in less than a year.

Being just over 4 inches I lacked confidence big time.

I sucked in bed and rarely had  because I found it hard to let women get close to me.

So I went on a spending spree and bought product after product to try and make my  bigger to turn my shitty life around.

But when you’re desperate you don’t think of the money do you.

You just focus on finding something that works.

So I know a whole lot about what doesn’t work.

  • First of all pills don’t work. There’s no pill that can make your  bigger.
  • Pumps don’t work. At least long term anyway.
  • Surgery works but is it worth the risk of having your  potentially ruined?

Stepping into the world of  is like stepping into a field of mines.

But there is one type of product that is medically proven to work..

They’re called “extenders” and they look like this..

There’s been several studies conducted on extenders that have come to the conclusion that they really do work.

Take this BJU study for example.

They conducted a test and had a group of guys wear an extender for 6 months and they all increased the size of their .

And a year after the test an update found that they had all kept their size increase so the results were permanent.

Hold on though because there’s a pretty BIG problem with extenders that the makers just don’t tell you about.

For an extender to be effective you need to wear it for at least 5 hours per day.

But that’s not the problem.

The problem is that these extender systems use a noose around the head of the  to elongate it.

This cuts off the circulation and becomes very painful so wearing it for longer than 30 minutes is almost impossible.

The head of you  turns purple and goes completely numb as if it has frostbite or something.

So I found the extenders to be useless.

As well as that the extenders don’t do anything to increase the size of the  head.

They only stretch out the shaft.

So I Googled “ extender cuts off circulation” to see if anyone was having the same problem and I found that I wasn’t the only one.

While I was reading through these I found this guy who was having the same issue and he was recommending something called the Phallosan Forte.

It’s just like an extender but it doesn’t use a noose around the head.

Instead it uses a sleeve and suction bell on the head of the .

You then use a strap to “stretch” the .

Here’s a video of a guy putting on the Phallosan Forte.

As soon as I saw that video I decided that I was going to give the Phallosan Forte a try.

Plus they had a 14 day money back guarantee so if it arrived and was painful to use or something then I could send it back.

Within a week my Phallosan Forte had arrived..


While I was patiently waiting for it to arrive I read lots of Phallosan Forte reviews and there were lots of people who were getting results which was good to hear.

One guy even posted a system that he had made up.

It’s kind of like a schedule.

It tells you when and for how long to wear it as well as some other stuff.

It’s actually a really solid system and I think that if you’re going to use something like the Phallosan Forte then you need to follow a schedule.

So I’ve posted the system at the bottom of this Phallosan Forte review for you.

Now that I had a schedule to follow I thought I would start as soon as possible.

I found that I was able to put the Phallosan Forte on in less than 20 seconds.

It was very easy and hassle free.

But the best thing was that I was able to wear it and it didn’t hurt at all.

The end of my  wasn’t turning purple and there was no pain like with the old extenders and I felt like I could have worn it for as long as I wanted.

The Phallosan Forte makes the old extenders look like something from the stone ages.

So it felt good to know that I could actually use it!

For the next 7 months I stuck to the schedule like my life depended on it!

Which was really quite easy because it only takes 15-20 seconds to put it on and then you’re free to go about your day.

Sure it’s a little bit of hassle when you need to go to the toilet because you need to take it off and put it back on again but that’s a small sacrifice to make if it actually works.

So does the Phallosan Forte work?

My Phallosan Forte Results..

When you first start to wear it you won’t really see results that fast.

It’s a slow process but after a couple of months you will start to notice your is looking bigger.

Then before you know it 7 months goes by and this happens..

You can get the Phallosan from the official website at

Imagine a stranger comes and puts a dollar in your jar everyday.

A dollar may not seem much but after 10 years you open up that jar and find you’ve got $3,650.

That’s what it feels like with the Phallosan Forte.

You’ll make small gains that are barely noticeable but they add up fast.

And the truth is that the Phallosan Forte has done a lot more for me than just make my  bigger.

It’s made me feel like I can do anything.

I’m a lot more happier with life now and I feel so much more confident that I am meeting women and getting phone numbers.

It’s great and in the last month I have had  twice because I don’t feel shy or embarrassed to let a woman get close to me anymore.

So if you really want to increase your  size then my advice is don’t waste your money on pills, pumps, surgery or the old extenders.

Just give the Phallosan Forte a try.

Phallosan Forte Reviews

The best!

I think the Phallosan is the best extender I’ve tried. It gives a good stretch and you can easily adjust the tension.


Seeing good results!

It’s more expensive than other extenders but you get what you pay for at the end of the day. Other extenders are painful and hard to put on whereas the PhallosanForte is easy to put on and it’s comfortable enough to wear all day.

I’m already seeing some nice results with it.

Nick S.

After 2 months I’ve grown over half an inch in length!

To tell you the truth I was skeptical about using this device because I wasted money on the Euro Extender which I couldn’t wear for longer than 30 minutes before my d*ck went dumb but I heard the Phallosan Forte was comfortable to I bought and just in case it sucked I saw they had a money back offer which made me feel a bit better about buying.

Anyway I’ve had it for 2 months now and not once have I even thought about asking for a refund. The first day it arrived I wore it for 6 hours straight with a good tension. I could really feel the stretch but no pain and it didn’t cut off the circulation. After 2 months I’ve grown over half an inch in length! So I am very happy.


1cm in length added

I’m 2 weeks in to using the Phallosan Forte and I’ve increased 1cm in length! That’s a good start in my book!


Great device

I’m a college student so as you can expect I’m surrounded by hot girls all day long but I’ve always been too shy around women because of the size of my  (4.75 inches) so I heard on some forum that the Phallosan Forte was good.

As a college student it was a lot of money for me but I bought it anyway and I also started jelqing.

Now it’s been 6 months and I think it was the best investment I ever made as I now measure 6.25 inches.

I just can’t believe it! I know that’s not huge but it’s above average and I still feel like I can get bigger.

I also feel a lot more comfortable around girls these days and have even gotten laid a few times recently!
So that’s my review. If you’re on the fence then just buy it because it really works!


I wear it at night

I’m loving the Phallosan device. I wear it at night while I’m sleeping and it provides a nice tight pull to do some overnight stretching.

I wear it sometimes during the day too with more tension.


Over 8 inches now!

I’ve tried most of the other extenders like the SizeGenetics, Jes Extender and the EuroExtender but none of them even come close to being as good as the Phallosan Forte.

It’s the most expensive but it’s worth paying the little bit extra for it for 2 reasons.

1: It doesn’t cut off the circulation so you can wear it for long periods safely.

2: Because if you wear it for over 6 months then I don’t see how you won’t get results from it if you wear it with a good amount of tension.

I used it for 11 months back in 2015 and I went from 6.6 inches to just over 8. It’s now 2017 and I haven’t lost any of my gains.

When it comes to tension you need to feel a good stretch. If it hurts then you’re using too much tension and if you can’t feel anything then you’re not using enough.

Use enough tension so that you can feel a good stretch and you will see results.

Dave P.

I’ve gained over 1 inch in length

So far I’ve worn the Phallosan Forte for a total of 1,000 hours and I’ve gained over 1 inch in length and 0.3 inches in girth.

I bought it because I saw on a forum someone was recommending it. I’m glad I saw that post!


It is awesome!

I’ve only been wearing it for a month but I can see a bit of a difference in size. It’s early days but I’m feeling optimistic. Oh yeah and it’s very comfortable to wear and you can adjust the tension easily.

I’m wearing it most of the day on medium tension and for an hour per day I use it at the maximum tension that I can handle just to get a good stretch.

It is awesome!


Half an inch already gained.

8 weeks in and I’ve grown over half an inch ad I look and feel bigger. I also noticed that my s get rock hard.


Worth it!

I’m another guy who started off using a regular extender (the vimax one) and switched to the Phallosan Forte and I’m glad I did. It just sucks that I wasted my money on the other one.


Gained 1.5 inches

Big thanks to the Phallosan Forte as I’ve worn it for 6 months now and gained 1.5 inches! I am so happy it worked.

Rufus T.

It’s working nicely

I try to wear mine for at least 12 hours per day and take 1 day off per week, usually Sunday.

This means I wear it to work and pretty much everywhere but nobody can see that you’re wearing it under your clothing.

I started 3 months ago and it’s already added ¾ of an inch to my length.


Buy it!

I heard one customer complaining that he found the Phallosan Forte strap uncomfortable when he wears it around the waist. I also found that too but the simple fix is to wrap it around the leg instead which works just as good.

Anyway, I love this extender. It’s well made and it’s easy to put on and I used it last year and gained about an inch. I plan on wearing it again soon but I was happy with what it did.

If you can afford it then buy it.


Almost at 7 inches!

I’ve been using the PhallosanForte as a part of my pe routine. I wear it for about 8-9 hours per day and do 200 jelqs per day. I also got a hydro pump last week too which is great.

Now I’ve grown 0.25 inches in the first month so I just know I’m going to end up reaching my goal of 7 inches as I only need to gain another 0.75 inches!

William from U.K

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You can read more reviews and testimonials on the official website here.

And if you have any questions then ask down there too and I’ll answer.

What is it?

The Phallosan Forte is an FDA approved device for guys who want to increase the size of their  through stretching.

It costs $339 and is some by a company called Swiss Sana.

It also comes with a 2 year warranty.

Although there are many extenders for sale online today there are none like the Phallosan Forte because it doesn’t use a noose system like other extenders use so it doesn’t cut off the circulation to the head.

Instead it uses a suction cup that fits over the head which then attaches to a strap that wraps around your waist which extends and stretches the .

Because it doesn’t cut off the circulation it makes it a lot more comfortable than regular extenders and you can even wear it while you are sleeping.

It even has a traffic light system that shows how much tension it is using so that you can control the tension very easily.

Here’s a video explaining how it works.

Even though the video is 4 minutes long and it may seem complicated at first you’ll find that it’s very easy to use when you get used to it.

After a couple of days you’ll be able to put it on in 20 seconds.

What’s inside the package?

When you open the box you’ll find the Phallosan Forte a DVD and user guide, a measuring device and all of the necessary components.

  • The strap. (See fig 1) This wraps around your waist and is very comfortable.
  • A suction ball. (See fig 7) This is used to suck out the air from the suction bells to grip your  in place.
  • Suction bells. (See fig 2,3,4) Comes in S,M or L. You use the measuring device to figure out which one you need to use. You then put the head into one of these and the suck out the air with the suction ball.
  • The sleeve. (See fig 5)
  • A tension clip. (See fig 6) to tell you how much tension you are using.

And everything comes in a discreet box so nobody will be able to tell what’s inside.

How does it work?

So, you may be wondering how the Phallosan Forte actually helps to increase the size of your .

Well there’s actually 2 reasons for it;

1: First, you kind of need to think of it as exercise for your . When you go to the gym and do some curls you don’t build muscle right away.

It takes time to build muscle on your biceps because after every workout your biceps repair and grow a little.

Well it’s the same with stretching. Every time you use the Phallosan Forte it’s like a workout for your  so it goes through a process of repair and growth which takes time but it works.

2: The second way the Phallosan helps you grow is through a process called multiple cell division.

It sounds complicated but it’s quite simple. Basically, when you stretch your  for long periods of time the cells within begin to divide and multiply which over time causes some serious growth.

This process is also know as meiosis and here’s a real video of it in action;

So those are the 2 main reasons that the Phallosan Forte works.

Increasing the size of the head

Another problem that users of other extenders have is that the device only stretches the shaft which means the shaft gets longer but the head size stays the same which looks odd.

But with the Phallosan the bell that locks on to the head of your  uses suction which expands the head and forces it to grow too.

The Phallosan Forte Study – By Dr. Sohn

Between the months of January 2005 and July 2005 Dr. Sohn who is the chief physician at the Urological Clinic at the Markus Hospital In Frankfurt conducted an experiment to test the effectiveness of the Phallosan Forte.

The full details of the study are on –

24 patients aged between 20 and 68 were made to wear the device for at least 8 hours per day 6 days per week.

The test lasted for 6 months and by the end of it even Dr. Sohn was surprised at the results.

After 6 months the average patient had gained;

  • 93 inches (4.9cm) in flaccid length.
  • 89 inches (4.8cm) in erect length.
  • 98 inches (2.5cm) in girth.

Some patients were reported to have gone on and worn the device after the experiment had ended and ended up gaining more size.

This is why the Phallosan Forte is now sold by over 50,000 doctors and clinics around the world and is FDA approved.

I myself gained about 2 inches which is slightly better than the average guy from Dr. Sohns test but I followed this system which helped.

You can read about Dr. Sohns study in a PDF here.

Supplements For Faster Results

Did you know that a good percentage of your  is made up of something called collagen?

It’s true and supplementing with type-2 collagen may help you to improve your results with the Phallosan Forte and grow faster.

That’s because when you stretch your member it causes little gaps to form within the collagen and by taking a collagen supplement every day you’ll help to fill in those gaps.

Many users are finding that collagen is helping their  to feel firmer and more elastic.

I started taking type 2 collagen in the mornings and before bed. I do jelqing and use an extender and I can feel the difference since I’ve started taking it. My dong feels more elastic and healthy and I’ve grown over a quarter or an inch in the last month.

My joints feel smoother too which is nice. So, I don’t know but I think there is something to this collagen stuff.

I’ve started supplementing with it too and can feel a difference.

Combining The Phallosan Forte With..

Personally all I used was the P.F and I was able to gain over 2 inches however there a 2 other products that I’ve been hearing good things about and I believe would go well it.

1: The jelq device. Jelqing is proven to help increase the size of your . You can do it by hand but I’ve heard a lot of good things about the JD which is available for sale here.

Many guys do 200-500 jelps per day which should take around 10-15 minutes.

2: The Bathmate. I have just bought my own BM and I was shocked the first time I used it because when I pulled out it looked HUGE!

I’ve also read that it helps you make permanent gains if you use it for at least a few months.

You can get your own Bathmate from the official website here.

Putting them all together.

I’ve read quite a few posts recently from guys who are combining the Bathmate with the Phallosan Forte and jelqing and getting amazing results.

So, if you’ve got the money for all three then you can put them all together and I think you will gain some nice length and girth very quickly.

Oh yeah and throw in some type 2 collagen and the ladies will be calling you “Mr BIG” in no time.

Here’s a post I found from a guy who’s been using all 3;

Personally I just used the P.F and I got great results but I definitely think there’s merit to following a multi-tool system like “BillyBoy” did. Here’s what he used again;


Increases length as well as girth – After using it for a full 7 months I can confirm that it really does increase length and girth. It’s the only product that I used so my results are purely thanks to the Phallosan Forte.

Increases head size – A lot of guys using regular extenders complain that their shaft gets bigger their head size stays the same. And because it restricts the circulation to the head they find that they get permanent bruising.

The Phallosan Forte uses a suction bell which expands the head of the  which helps the head to grow too and doesn’t leave any bruising.

Get Harder – I’ve found that since I’ve been using it that I get bigger and harder s and I can keep it up for longer.

Boosts confidence – It’s a huge confidence booster when you start to gain size, especially in bed. When you’re bigger you’ll find yourself taking control more.

More bed time fun – And  becomes 10 times more fun when you have a bigger  so you can really give it to your woman.

It’s safe – It’s completely safe to use and I didn’t notice so much as a bruise in during the entire 7 months I used it.

Discreet – It’s discreet and nobody will be able to tell your wearing it.

Easy to use – When I used to use a regular extender I found it very fiddly and tricky to get on and it would constantly slip off the end of my  but the Phallosan Forte is a breeze to get on and you’ll find it very easy.

Has a money back guarantee – After it arrives you have 14 days to decide whether it’s right for you in which time you can send it back and get a refund.


Do I need to warm up? I never did any warmups so I would say no it’s not necessary. You should be fine without doing and warm ups but you can still do them if you wish.

How long does it take to arrive? I think mine arrived in about 2 days which was much sooner than I thought considering they’re based in Germany and I’m not.

Is there a money back guarantee? According to the official website there is a 14 day no questions asked money back guarantee. So if you try it and you’re not happy then you can send it back and get your money back.

Does it come with a warranty? Yes, according to their website it comes with a 2 year warranty so if anything goes wrong or breaks then they will replace it.

Is it safe? I found it to be very safe. At no point was I in any pain. Some extender that cut off the circulation could be considered dangerous but the P.F doesn’t do this so yeah, it’s safe to use. If you find that it’s hurting then just lower the tension slightly.

How long does it take to see results? Well I used it for 7 months and gained 2 inches which comes to about 0.28 inches per month so it takes time. It’s one of those things that’s best to just put on and forget about. Just trust that it’s working and you will be shocked at how fast 6 or 7 months goes by and you’ll measure yourself and realize “holy sh*t I gained 2 inches.”

How many inches can I gain? I would say that 1 to 3 inches in 6 months is the standard. I gained 2 in that time. If you want to gain more then just wear it for longer.

Does it also help with girth? Yes, you’ll find that your  increases in size with equal proportions so it doesn’t end up looking weird. If anything I would say that the Phallosan Forte helps increase length a little bit more than girth.

And from what I’ve heard the Bathmate from here helps increase girth more than length.

Are the results permanent or not? It says on the website that you need to wear it for at least 6 months to gain permanent results so the gains can cement themselves. If you don’t wear it for longer than that then you’ll find that you lose some of your gains.

After using it for 7 months I have since stopped using it for the last month and I can confirm that I have not lost any of my gains and have had zero shrinkage.

Is the packaging discreet? Yes, it just comes in a plain box so nobody will be able to tell what’s inside.

Will people know I’m wearing it? If you’re wearing jeans or tight trousers then it will leave a bulge but it doesn’t look too obvious. Apart from that it’s quite very discreet and you can wear it to work our out and about and I don’t think you’ll raise any suspicion from anybody.

Why should I buy the Phallosan Forte over a regular extender? Because regular extenders cut off the circulation and only increase the length of the shaft. They’re uncomfortable and they hurt.

Whereas the Phallosan Forte is safe, comfortable and it increases length, girth and the size of the head.

Can I wear it at night time? Absolutely. Because it’s safe and doesn’t cut off the circulation you can wear it overnight and I know that a lot of guys are doing this.

For me though I tend to roll over quite a lot and I found it hard to get to sleep while I was wearing it so I wear it during the day.

How much tension does it provide?

Lowest setting = 0.88lb or 0.4kg of tension.

Highest setting = 6.61lb or 3kg of tension.

You can adjust the tension anywhere in between those two settings.

I think that covers all the questions I’ve seen being asked about the Phallosan Forte. If you have any other questions then post it in the comments section below and I will answer it the best I can!

The Phallosan Forte Calculator

Here’s a nifty little calculator I found to give you an idea of what sort of results you can expect to get with this device.

This calculator just gives an estimate but I found it to be pretty accurate!

Should You Buy The Phallosan Forte?

There’s no denying that it works and because I got such great results with it I recommend it fully.

The last extender I used was painful and I couldn’t wear it for longer than 15 minutes before the head of my  turned purple and looked like it was going to fall off!

And those old extenders only lengthen the shaft if you can wear it for long enough.

But the Phallosan Forte causes no pain or discomfort and you’ll be able to wear it for as long as you need.

It also increases the size of the head as well as length and girth so you end up with a bigger looking  that looks completely normal.

So yeah, I think it’s worth the money and if you follow a routine like this one then you can expect to see some nice size gains very quickly.

If you have the extra money then you could also give Bills system a try.

Honestly, I think the best thing I ever did for myself was use the Phallosan Forte because since gaining 2 inches I feel so much more confident and I’m getting laid way more often and getting no complaints from the ladies!

And it makes  so much more fun when you can bag girls and know that they’re really feeling it and enjoying it!

Just make sure that you buy your Phallosan Forte from the official website here

Buying from the official website is the only way to make sure that you’re getting the real thing and not a fake.

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Hi Casper great results and very motivating. I tried one of the old extenders like you and I couldn’t wear it for long so I think this is what I need. I’ll let you know how it goes.


Just a quick update. I have been getting on great with the Phallosan Forte. I can easily wear it for many hours at a time.

I have also been following the routine for the last 2 months and have gained almost 3/4 inches.

Awesome product and much better then the usual extenders.


Hi Casper i didn’t find the pdf of your system/schedule appreciate if you could email to me. Thanks and best regards

Hari Kumar

So very nice products phallosan forte so I am use. You use. So good result.


How many inches have you gained Hari? Let’s hear about your results too!


How often should you use this? Is it safe to use every day or should I take days off? I hope you can reply as I would like to order soon!


Woooow, thanks Casper for taking the time to write this, share your results and reveal your system.

I got my Phallosan Forte before I read your post but now I’m going to follow your system!

I will let you know if it works for me.


I really like the strap on this device. It makes it easier to wear and I don’t have to keep adjusting it all the time. I’m really happy with my purchase and I hope to see some good gains!


Will I see results within a week or does it take longer? How long will it take before I know the Phallosan Forte is working for me?


5.9 inches was my starting size and now I am 6.1 inches and haven’t even been using it that long.


If it works for me, do i have to use it forevers to keep the size increase?


Is it safe to wear this out of the house or will it be too obvios lol.


I was considering the Jes Extender but you changed my mind! I think it’s really important that if you’re going to wear something like this for hours every day that it’s comfortable!


Exactly! If you’re going to do this then you may as well do it properly, right Gordon.


Does anyone here wear this while they are sleeping? I may do that, do you think it’s safe or will it not work?

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