Almost at 7 inches!

I’ve been using the PhallosanForte as a part of my pe routine. I wear it for about 8-9 hours per day and do 200 jelqs per day. I also got a hydro pump last week too which is great. Now I’ve grown 0.25 inches in the first month so I just know I’m going to View Full →

Buy it!

I heard one customer complaining that he found the Phallosan Forte strap uncomfortable when he wears it around the waist. I also found that too but the simple fix is to wrap it around the leg instead which works just as good. Anyway, I love this extender. It’s well made and it’s easy to put View Full →

It’s working nicely

I try to wear mine for at least 12 hours per day and take 1 day off per week, usually Sunday. This means I wear it to work and pretty much everywhere but nobody can see that you’re wearing it under your clothing. I started 3 months ago and it’s already added ¾ of an View Full →

Gained 1.5 inches

Big thanks to the Phallosan Forte as I’ve worn it for 6 months now and gained 1.5 inches! I am so happy it worked.

Worth it!

I’m another guy who started off using a regular extender (the vimax one) and switched to the Phallosan Forte and I’m glad I did. It just sucks that I wasted my money on the other one.

Half an inch already gained.

8 weeks in and I’ve grown over half an inch ad I look and feel bigger. I also noticed that my s get rock hard.

It is awesome!

I’ve only been wearing it for a month but I can see a bit of a difference in size. It’s early days but I’m feeling optimistic. Oh yeah and it’s very comfortable to wear and you can adjust the tension easily. I’m wearing it most of the day on medium tension and for an hour View Full →

I’ve gained over 1 inch in length

So far I’ve worn the Phallosan Forte for a total of 1,000 hours and I’ve gained over 1 inch in length and 0.3 inches in girth. I bought it because I saw on a forum someone was recommending it. I’m glad I saw that post!

Over 8 inches now!

I’ve tried most of the other extenders like the SizeGenetics, Jes Extender and the EuroExtender but none of them even come close to being as good as the Phallosan Forte. It’s the most expensive but it’s worth paying the little bit extra for it for 2 reasons. 1: It doesn’t cut off the circulation so View Full →

I wear it at night

I’m loving the Phallosan device. I wear it at night while I’m sleeping and it provides a nice tight pull to do some overnight stretching. I wear it sometimes during the day too with more tension.